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lundi 9 février 2015


le 4 Mars impro +invités 
le 8 Mars présentation de sortie de résidence à Ausland, Berlin


Yann Joussein : Drums, percussions, electronics, composing improvisation
Romain Clerc-Renaud : Piano, keyboards, improvisation, composing
Noémie Sauve and Paatrice : visual artists, drawings, videos
Sébastien Eustache : Video game programming
The project is a live musical et visual performance in which video game world is showed through an interpretation diverted from its original use.
COAX’ musicians’ sound galaxy meets a whole visual world ; game characters, animated clips, paintings on diapositive, lights games and installation are set in motion in real time by musicians through a device created by the artists.
Last years digital revolution, the bursting into the circulation and access to diverse medias facilitate the artistic creation for projects in which different arts and disciplines are mixed together.
The multimedia authoring COAX VIDEO GAME PARTY includes music, graphic and video game technology experts.
This project is born from its protagonists’ desire to bring back to life their video game culture, through a artistic project where play is central.
Across game’s themes and stage set, the audience appropriate more universal concepts characteristic of feeling of freedom or oppression, of being player and decision maker of his and others’ life.
Thus, COAX VIDEO GAME PARTY stages fighting, shooting and strategic games, and shows of “Peace on Earth” and Cosmos !
COAX VIDEO GAME PARTY is a protean project whose evolution is fed by artistic collaborations built as it travels.
Artists, circuit benders, whoever wishes, you are invited to join the adventure!

March 4th: Meeting day, presentation and sharing of ideas.
March 6th to 8th: Work on the project, public presenation of the project from 8:30pm on.
For more info and to join us, contact Yann Joussein:

PHOTOS © Maris Louise BUCH

PHOTOS © Maris Louise BUCH

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